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Staking Precompile

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A delegated proof of stake pallet recently debuted called Parachain-Staking, allowing token holders (nominators) to express exactly which collator candidates they would like to support and with what quantity of stake. The design of the Parachain-Staking pallet is such that it enforces shared risk/reward on chain between delegators and collators.

The Staking module is coded in Rust and it is part of a pallet that is normally not accessible from the Ethereum side of Moonbeam. However, a Staking Precompile allows developers to access the staking features using the Ethereum API in a precompiled contract located at address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000800. The Staking Precompile was first released in the Moonbase Alpha v8 release.

Staking is currently restricted on Moonriver, but in Phase 4 of the Moonriver network launch restrictions will be removed so all users can participate in the staking system.

This guide will show you how to interact with the Staking Precompile on Moonbase Alpha.

The Parachain-Staking Solidity Interface

StakingInterface.sol is an interface through which solidity contracts can interact with Parachain-Staking. The beauty is that solidity developers don’t have to learn the Substrate API. Instead, they can interact with staking functions using the Ethereum interface they are familiar with.

The interface includes the following functions:

  • is_nominator(address collator) — read-only function that checks whether the specified address is currently a staking nominator
  • is_candidate(address collator) — read-only function that checks whether the specified address is currently a collator candidate
  • min_nomination() — read-only function that gets the minimum nomination amount
  • join_candidates(uint256 amount) — allows the account to join the set of collator candidates with a specified bond amount
  • leave_candidates() — immediately removes the account from the candidate pool to prevent others from selecting it as a collator and triggers unbonding after BondDuration rounds have elapsed
  • go_offline() — temporarily leave the set of collator candidates without unbonding
  • go_online() — rejoin the set of collator candidates after previously calling go_offline()
  • candidate_bond_more(uint256 more) — collator candidate increases bond by specified amount
  • candidate_bond_less(uint256 less) — collator candidate decreases bond by specified amount
  • nominate(address collator, uint256 amount) — if the caller is not a nominator, this function adds them to the set of nominators. If the caller is already a nominator, then it adjusts their nomination amount
  • leave_nominators() — leave the set of nominators and revoke all ongoing nominations
  • revoke_nominations(address collator) — revoke a specific nomination
  • nominator_bond_more(address collator, uint256 more) — nominator increases bond to a collator by specified amount
  • nominator_bond_less(address collator, uint256 less) — nominator decreases bond to a collator by specified amount

Interacting with the Staking Precompile

Checking Prerequisites

The below example is demonstrated on Moonbase Alpha, however, it is compatible with all networks including Moonriver and Moonbeam.


The example below requires more than 5 tokens due to the minimum nomination amount plus gas fees. If you need more than the faucet dispenses, please contact us on Discord and we will be happy to help you.

Remix Set Up

  1. Get a copy of StakingInterface.sol
  2. Copy and paste the file contents into a Remix file named StakingInterface.sol

Copying and Pasting the Staking Interface into Remix

Compile the Contract

  1. Click on the Compile tab, second from top
  2. Compile Staking Interface.sol

Compiling StakingInteface.sol

Access the Contract

  1. Click on the Deploy and Run tab, directly below the Compile tab in Remix. Note: we are not deploying a contract here, instead we are accessing a precompiled contract that is already deployed
  2. Make sure "Injected Web3" is selected in the Environment drop down
  3. Ensure “ParachainStaking - StakingInterface.sol” is selected in the Contract dropdown. Since this is a precompiled contract there is no need to deploy, instead we are going to provide the address of the precompile in the “At Address” Field
  4. Provide the address of the Staking precompile: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000800 and click “At Address”

Provide the address

Nominate a Collator

For this example, we are going to be nominating a collator. Nominators are token holders who stake tokens, vouching for specific collators. Any user that holds a minimum amount of 5 tokens as free balance can become a nominator.

  1. Expand the panel with the contract address. Locate the nominate function and expand the panel to see the parameters
  2. Provide the address of a collator such as 0x4c5A56ed5A4FF7B09aA86560AfD7d383F4831Cce
  3. Provide the amount to nominate in WEI. There is a minimum of 5 tokens to nominate, so the lowest amount in WEI is 5000000000000000000
  4. Press "transact" and confirm the transaction in Metamask

Nominate a Collator

Verify Nomination

To verify your nomination was successful, you can check the chain state in Polkadot.js Apps. First, add your metamask address to the address book in Polkadot.js Apps. If you've already completed this step you can skip ahead to the next section.

Add Metamask Address to Address Book

  1. Navigate to Accounts -> Address Book
  2. Click on "Add contact"
  3. Add your Metamask Address
  4. Provide a nickname for the account

Add to Address Book

Verify Nominator State

  1. To verify your nomination was successful, head to Polkadot.js Apps and navigate to Developer -> Chain State
  2. Select the "parachainStaking" pallet
  3. Select the "nominatorState" query
  4. Click the "Plus" Button to return the results and verify your nomination

Verify Nomination

Revoking a Nomination

To revoke a nomination and receive your tokens back, call the revoke_nomination method, providing the same address you started the nomination with above. You can check your nominator state again on Polkadot.js Apps to confirm.

Revoke Nomination