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Moonbeam is currently pre-alpha software. We are working on the implementation of the minimum feature set, which will be needed to launch a TestNet in Q3 2020. The rough roadmap beyond that is to launch on Kusama in Q1 2021 and on the Polkadot MainNet in Q2 2021.

Our current focus is on making sure the Moonbeam EVM and Web3 compatibility features are feature-complete. A big part of this effort is the completion of the Web3 grant we received to implement a Web3-compatible RPC API. Details of the grant can be found here. The work we did for this grant was completed and approved in August 2020.

We have several critical components in our backlog that plan to work on next, including the implementation of an Ethereum-compatible account system in Moonbeam and functionality to power collator mechanics and incentives in Moonbeam.