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  • - Starting point for learning about Substrate, a Rust-based framework for developing blockchains. Moonbeam is developed using Substrate and uses many of the modules that come with it.
  • - Learn about Polkadot, including the vision behind the network and how the system works, i.e., staking, governance, etc.
  • Polkadot-JS Apps - A web-based interface for interacting with Substrate based nodes, including Moonbeam.
  • Solidity Docs - Solidity is the main smart contract programming language supported by Ethereum and Moonbeam. The Solidity docs site is very comprehensive.
  • Remix - Web-based IDE for Solidity smart contract development that is compatible with Moonbeam.
  • Truffle - Development tools for Solidity, including debugging, testing, and automated deployment that is compatible with Moonbeam.