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How to List your Project on State of the DApps

Introduction to State of the DApps

State of the DApps was started in 2016 by Joris Bontje to provide a convenient listing of all of the smart contracts or decentralized applications deployed to Ethereum. It has grown tremendously since then, supporting multiple chains and showcasing a wealth of information. In their own words, “Whether you are looking for new users, testers, concept feedback, partners, or investors, submitting a DApp to this definitive registry will help your project gain traction.”

State of the DApps maintains a rank of projects based on active users, transaction volume, developer activity, and profile strength. Moonriver is currently live on State of the DApps. Previously, a crowd-sourced Moonbeam DApps listing was maintained as part of the Moonbeam docs site. That registry is deprecated and replaced by the listing platforms under the Dapps List section.

State of the DApps Home Page

You can submit your project to State of the DApps by providing background on your project including a description of the DApp, screenshots, social media links, and a project status (such as Live, Beta, Prototype, etc). DApps are welcome at any stage in the product life cycle, including ones in the ideation phase. Only a subset of the fields are required, but you are encouraged to complete as many as possible, as providing a more thorough profile for your DApp will improve its ranking.


State of the DApps contains user-generated content. You should verify any information with your own research. Moonbeam is a permissionless network. Any project can deploy its contracts to Moonbeam.

Required Content

At a minimum, you must include the following information to submit your project/DApp to State of the DApps:

  • DApp Name
  • One-Sentence Description
  • Full Description
  • Website URL
  • Life Cycle Status
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Contact Email (not shared publicly)

How to Submit your DApp

Once you have gathered the above required content, you can head to the Submit a DApp Page where you can take the following steps:

  1. Enter your project’s name
  2. Choose a Platform such as Moonriver
  3. Write an interesting, one-sentence description of your DApp
  4. Write a complete, longer description of your DApp
  5. Include the website URL and any other URLs if applicable
  6. List the project author(s)
  7. Optionally, provide the DApp’s software license
  8. Provide a logo, icon, and screenshots if applicable
  9. Select your DApp’s status
  10. Add your project's social media links if applicable
  11. Choose a category
  12. Provide at least one tag for your DApp. If your desired tag hasn’t been created yet, you can create a new tag
  13. Provide a contact email (this is not shared publicly)
  14. Review the terms and conditions and press Submit

How to Submit your DApp

Submissions are typically reviewed by the State of the DApps team in one business day. For any Moonbeam-related questions you can reach out to us in Discord. For State of the DApps support, you can contact

The State of Dapps contains user-generated content and Moonbeam Foundation has not vetted such user-generated content and Moonbeam does not endorse the project. You are responsible for checking and validating the accuracy and truthfulness of all content. You are also responsible for doing your own diligence to understand the applicable risks present, including selection, performance, security, accuracy, or use of any third-party information. All information contained herein is subject to modification without notice.
Last update: May 28, 2024
| Created: January 5, 2022