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How to List your Project on Downtown Moonbeam

Introduction to Downtown Moonbeam

Downtown Moonbeam provides a curated list of projects building specifically within the Moonbeam and Moonriver ecosystems. It provides basic information for each DApp such as website information, a brief description, and contact information.

You can filter DApps by network, or check out their homepage to see a list of the newly updated DApps, top defi projects, top NFT projects, or top gaming projects. Prior to the Downtown Moonbeam integration, a crowd-sourced Moonbeam DApps listing was maintained as part of the Moonbeam docs site. That registry is deprecated and replaced by the listing platforms under the Dapps List section.

Downtown Moonbeam Home Page

You can submit your project to Downtown Moonbeam by providing background on your project including a bio and description, website URL, logo, social media links, and more. Only a subset of the fields are required, but you are encouraged to complete as many as possible.


Downtown Moonbeam contains user-generated content. You should verify any information with your own research. Moonbeam is a permissionless network. Any project can deploy its contracts to Moonbeam.

Required Content

At a minimum, you must include the following information to submit your project/DApp to DappRadar:

  • Logo (300KB limit, JPG/JPEG only)
  • DApp name
  • Bio
  • Description
  • Website URL
  • Contact information

How to Submit your DApp

You can get started by heading to the Submit Project page where you can take the following steps:

  1. Upload your DApp's logo (300KB max, JPG/JPEG only)
  2. Enter the name of your DApp
  3. Write a short bio (100 characters or less)
  4. Add a description of your DApp
  5. Enter the website URL
  6. Optionally, you can fill out the location, chain and token address, and social media links
  7. Add your contact information
  8. Click Submit

How to Submit your DApp

Submissions are reviewed by the Downtown Moonbeam team and will be published if the DApp is deemed suitable for listing. For any Moonbeam-related questions you can reach out to us in Discord. For Downtown Moonbeam-related questions, support is available through the Downtown Moonbeam Telegram.

Downtown Moonbeam contains user-generated content and Moonbeam Foundation has not vetted such user-generated content and Moonbeam does not endorse the project. You are responsible for checking and validating the accuracy and truthfulness of all content. You are also responsible for doing your own diligence to understand the applicable risks present, including selection, performance, security, accuracy, or use of any third-party information. All information contained herein is subject to modification without notice.
Last update: September 22, 2023
| Created: May 26, 2022