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Connect MetaMask to Moonbase Alpha


This guide outlines the steps needed to connect MetaMask to Moonbase Alpha. In contrast to our previous MetaMask guide, this is much simpler because you don't need to connect to a local running Moonbeam node. Let's jump right into it.

Creating a Wallet

After installing MetaMask, the setup will automatically open a new task with a welcome screen. Click "Get Started" to begin the setup process.


When prompted, you are given the option to import a wallet using a recovery seed phrase. For this exercise, set up a new wallet.


Connecting to Moonbase Alpha

Once you finish creating or importing a wallet, you will see the main MetaMask interface. In here, click in the top right logo and go to Settings.


Navigate to the Networks tab and click the "Add Network" button.


In here, fill out the following information and then click Save:

  • Network Name: Moonbase Alpha
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 1287
  • Symbol (Optional): DEV


That's it! You have succesfully connected MetaMask to the Moonbeam TestNet, Moonbase.