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Moonbase Alpha Faucet


Tokens on Moonbase Alpha, named DEV, will be issued on demand. Currently, there are two ways to get access to this token: through a Discord bot or manually.


DEV Tokens have no economic value and are for testing purposes only. Your balance of DEV tokens is typically reset with each version upgrade to Moonbase Alpha.

Discord - Mission Control

To request tokens automatically, we've created a Discord bot (named Mission Control 😎) that will automatically send a maximum of 5 DEV tokens every 24 hours (per Discord user) when you enter your address. You can check it out on our Discord channel.

Under the category "Miscellaneous," you will find our AlphaNet bot channel.


To check your balance, enter the following message, replacing <enter-address-here-> with your H160 address:

!balance <enter-address-here->

To get DEV tokens, enter the following message, replacing <enter-address-here-> with your H160 address:

!faucet send <enter-address-here->

Mission Control will send you 5 DEV tokens and display your current account balance. Remember that Mission Control is limited to dispense once every 24 hours per Discord user.


Manual Procedure

For token requests of more than the limited account allowed by our Discord bot, contact a moderator directly via our Discord channel. We are happy to provide the tokens needed to test your applications.