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OpenZeppelin is well known in the Ethereum developer community as their set of audited smart contracts and libraries are a standard in the industry. For example, most of the tutorials that show developers how to deploy an ERC-20 token use OpenZeppelin contracts.

You can find more information about OpenZeppelin in their website or documentation site.

As part of its Ethereum compatibility features, OpenZeppelin products can be seamlessly used on Moonbeam. This page will provide information on different OpenZeppelin solutions that you can test.

OpenZeppelin on Moonbeam

Currently, the following OpenZeppelin products/solutions work on the different networks available on Moonbeam:

Product Moonbeam Dev Node Moonbase Alpha
Contracts & Libraries
Contract Wizard
Defender X

You will find a corresponding tutorial for each product in the following links:

  • Contract Wizard — where you'll find a guide on how to use OpenZeppelin web-based wizard to create different token contracts with different functionalities
  • Contracts & Libraries — where you'll find tutorials to deploy the most common token contracts using OpenZeppelin's templates: ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155
  • Defender — where you'll find a guide on how to use OpenZeppelin Defender to manage your smart contracts in the Moonbase Alpha TestNet