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Hyperlane Protocol


Hyperlane is a security-modular cross-chain communication protocol for Web3. Hyperlane enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any connected chain, with one click. It supports general asset transfer as well as custom cross-chain messaging.

Using Interchain Security Modules (ISMs), Hyperlane allows developers to configure the method by which messages are sent and validated across chains. Hyperlane is composed of validators, relayers, and watchtowers. Validators will watch for and confirm cross-chain messages. Relayers spend the gas to send messages across chains. Watchtowers perform checks to ensure that validators are good-faith actors, securing the protocol. Take a look at the tech stack diagram and their protocol documentation for more details.

Hyperlane Technology Stack diagram

The Hyperlane APIs provide a rich suite for developing Web3 applications, ensuring that developers have the tools they need for building. With these tools and APIs, developers can use the Hyperlane protocol and its APIs to write dApps that can be easily deployed across all Hyperlane-connected ecosystems.

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Getting Started

There are a couple of resources to get you started building cross-chain applications with Hyperlane:


See the list of Hyperlane contracts deployed to Moonbeam, and the networks connected to Moonbeam through Hyperlane.

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